Better AMS

BetterAMS and TechEsthete has more than 3 years of successful engagement during which TechEsthete has transformed into the prime vendor partner for Data Analytics Services and Automation of the Advertising Campaigns.














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Welcome to Better AMS

Enabled one of the largest Data Warehouse seamlessly using Open Source Stack and AWS Services

  • Automation of advertising campaigns
  • Architected robust, secure and scalable infrastructure for Data Warehouse & Analytics Platform
  • Enabled Data Warehouse to provide valuable insights in form of reports and dashboards
  • Pioneered big data devops as a practice in the US
  • Enabled user interface for real time centralized monitoring of Data

Business Pain & Challenges

  • Setup of automated infrastructure for the Data Pipeline
  • Implementation of right tools and processes to monitor and manage complete Cloud environment in real time
  • Provisioning for code/data movement from staging to production environment using CI/CD
  • Control user’s access to dashboards/reports based on their role
  • Integration with multiple complex data sources to build state of art Data Management & Analytics Platform (DMAP), a Data Lake with data processing with ultimate goal of data orchestration, advanced analytics and reporting
  • Creation of multi-dimensional dashboards across various metrics and providing flexibility to change those dimensions as per business needs.

Business Solution

  • Designed & implemented infrastructure & instances as per the agreed architecture for Staging and Production
  • Big data development using BigQuery, AWS and Google Data Studio for ingesting and transforming the data
  • Used Google Data Studio and Custom developed solution for monitoring and visualization
  • Used D3JS and HTML at visualization layer to create dashboards
  • DevOps implementation for the project which includes AWS Cloud Infrastructure setup and management for DMAP Staging & Production implementation, Automation setup for AWS cloud infrastructure services and management, CI / CD Pipeline to setup complete DMAP Staging & Production environments, Centralized logging of different components and stacks, Real Time Monitoring and Dashboards
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