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A club is a community cycling platform where anyone can be a participant to engage with other people you just need to request via app or website to join the club. In this club, you can visit your favorite places and also you can find new routes all over the world.

Upload routes from Strava activities or routes by syncing your account and selecting your best routes. You can even upload a route automatically by adding the best rides tag to your strava description and share on social media as well.





Plugin (Buddypress)


Google maps


Strava App

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The Specialty of A Club

Intuitive Orchestration Software and Making end-to-end network and security orchestration intuitive for a wide range of customers’ needs.


The Challenge we solve:

The nature of networking and security is complex, requiring strong development resources to execute on feature and device configurations in partnership with IT support to run necessary services, generate reports and debug devices.

The Challenge we solve:

i-  Sync with Strava and Garmin ii-  Club Profile iii-  GPS located iv-  Connect with Professional Athletes v-  Athletes Profiles vii-  Easy Searching viii-  Free for Athletes ix-  Bookmark your favorite routes


devops i-  Create devices and provision them ii-  Build workflow for the customer iii-  Create a user Solution Architect iv-  Integrate new device support v-  Build and demo POC for customer

User Persona:

ops i-  Device Management. ii-  Debug device and fix failing devices System Admin i-  Customer/Tenant Management Customers i-  See the status and metrics of their devices ii-  Run services on their devices.

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