An emergency detention hearing that no one else could help us with. DigitalTolk saved the day. Giving a language, a voice and an opportunity to take part in our common society, to give people an opportunity to understand each other, is what drives us forward. Regardless of whether it is for the individuals contact with healthcare or for understanding each other during a business meeting.





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Welcome to DigitalTolk!

Giving people a language, a voice, an opportunity to understand each other and participate as empowered citizens in society is what drives DigitalTolk forward. It doesn’t matter if you’re navigating a healthcare need or the education system, or negotiating outcomes in a business meeting – if there’s a language barrier, it’s difficult to function effectively.


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In this tab, user can book him/her self for any kind of assessment.

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In this tab user can learn about the services of digital tolk.

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In this tab users can learn about the services of the organization.

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If someone desire to work with us he/she can register on this tab.

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i-  Interpretation ii-  Translation iii-  Training iv-  Common questions

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In this tab user can contact the organization.

For the interpreter:

If you are already trained or you work as an interpreter today, you are welcome to apply as a freelance interpreter with us. We are looking for both contact and telephone interpreters all over the country also For those who lack interpreting training, we offer a free online introductory course.

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