Rough Writers

Rough Writers
By Peter Griffin
Project Description
Rough Writers is a community of writers who help each other write more. Rough Writers provides structure, support, accountability and community for writers in need of it. Our main focus is the fine art of putting your butt in your writing chair and getting work. Rough writers is NOT a critique group or community. Rough Writers is NOT a gimmicky 11-tricks-to-publish-your-book-and-get-rich website. Rough Writers is a get-it-done community, a take-action community. It is a community where writers come to get work done. We help writers finally start writing or finish their novel, to help them form a consist writing habit, or to finish their 12th novel faster. Our mission to help writers get to the page in order to lead fulfilling creative lives, to help them win their war of art and thereby improve themselves and the world around them in the process. To get more of a sense of who we are and what we’re about, check out our The Rough Writers Manifesto.
Project Details
ClientPeter Griffin
Date2 December 2015